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In 1877, Conrad Yeackel brought his family from Minnesota to the Pacific Northwest by wagon. The Yeackel family was one of the first pioneer families to settle the Klickitat Valley, specifically Centerville, Washington, raising cattle, sheep, pigs and owning and operating a butcher shop. Fast forward 146 years, seven generations and welcome to Cabral Livestock!

We now reside just across the Columbia River from our ancestors' original settlement in the Klickitat Valley, currently raising the fourth generation to farm and ranch in Grass Valley, Oregon. Primarily a commercial cattle operation, Cabral Livestock also raises dryland wheat, hay, registered Angus, Gelbvieh & Balancer cattle, along with AQHA performance horse prospects.

Our commercial cattle operation has been in business for over 70 years here in Oregon, consisting primarily of black angus mother cows from the original 29 Brand genetics which were brought to Sherman County, Oregon by my late-Grandfather, Max Nogle, shortly after returning home from World War II and marrying my late-Grandmother, Annice Kayser Nogle (Conrad Yeackel’s great-granddaughter). Each fall the very best heifer calves are hand-selected from the entire calf crop and kept as replacement heifers continuing to produce the highest quality of beef cattle possible.

We are proud to raise some of the best commercial cattle in the Northwest and have been working over the past few years to incorporate Gelbvieh genetics into our herd as well, to create hybrid vigor at its finest! The Gelbvieh cattle bring excellent fertility, superior maternal characteristics, and calving ease to the table and with the power, growth, and marbling qualities of the Angus cattle.

Here at Cabral Livestock, we still do things the old-fashioned way, on horseback, which allows us to give all of our horses jobs that require them to use their minds and mature outside of the performance arena, all while keeping the cattle calm and in the low-stress environment that they are used to.

Our horses are all born and raised out with the cattle allowing them to learn foot placement while ensuring they are structurally correct and capable of staying sound while handling various challenges associated with being turned out on hundreds of acres of varying terrain. We are very proud of the horses that we have produced over the last 12 years. All of our broodmares have been previously ridden on the ranch themselves so we know the qualities that those mares will pass on to their foals.

We spend extra time studying bloodlines, genetic traits, heritability, athleticism and overall structure and soundness qualities in both cattle and horses. Not only do we do this to make our living, but we do it for the love of the animals and continuously working to improve the genetics and quality of all of our livestock. We hope that you take a little time and look around our website to see what we have to offer. We also welcome you out to the Ranch to take a look in person, because as good as pictures look, they can never replace laying eyes on them firsthand!


"It’s in your blood. You don’t think about the long hours or the money. You do it because you love it."

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From all of us here at Cabral Livestock, we invite you out to visit the Ranch to see the horses, the cattle, check out our inventory of Brazzen Livestock Equipment or even just for a visit! If you’re looking for your next ranch horse, performance prospect, breeding bull or heifer, livestock equipment, or a great steak…we’ve got something to assure you won’t leave empty handed!


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