Performance Horses

The horses listed below are all owned by Cabral Livestock. They are all currently being used both on the ranch and in the arena or preparing to go to the arena.

MPJA Shiners Wood

2011 Brown Mare
Registration Number: AQHA 5594285
Sire: MP Thriftwood
Dam: Shining Spark Cody

We purchased Sparky as a coming 2 year-old from Potter Ranch in Marana, Arizona. She was started by Marriott Performance Horses and then came home to the ranch. She’s spent a lot of time gathering cows and dragging calves at brandings. Sparky reminds us a lot of our broodmare Roanie, they have so much heart and try! Sparky is an incredible athlete and has won over $20,000 as a heel horse in the PRCA with multiple riders. She’s also won money barrel racing and has recently been started in the breakaway roping and we are excited to see what her future holds.


FLF Guys Flip For Me

2011 Palomino Mare
Registration Number: AQHA 5394180
Sire: Guys Pocket Coin
Dam: Miss Echo Flip

We purchased Guess from Dan & Mary Flitner (4 Lazy F Ranch) in Terrebonne, Oregon as a started 3 year old. After spending most of her 4-year-old year in the mountains with JC, we started her on the barrels and took her to a few Futurities her 5 year-old year. She won close to $20,000 in the Barrel Futurities that year. Guess has also won money heading and heeling and is our #1 “Go-To” horse for any project. We all ride her, our kids included!


Ole Time Fame

2012 Sorrel Mare
Registration Number: AQHA 5578927
Sire: Lions Share Of Fame
Dam: Miss Angel Light

Nala was born here on the ranch. Being the first “running” bred horse we had ever raised, we weren’t sure she was going to fit into our program, but boy were we wrong! She has spent lots of time gathering cows, roping bulls in the mountains, dragging calves to the fire and just doing “all the things.” Nala has barrel racing earnings of close to $40,000 and truly has very limited hauling. Some of her accomplishments include winning 2nd in the Columbia River Circuit Permit Finals and winning $14,000 in the All-In Shootout in Las Vegas, Nevada. She also finished in the top 10 at both PGW and the NWBHA Finals in September, with over 500 entries at each race.


MC Hay Ole Man

2019 Red Roan Gelding
Registration Number: AQHA 5996734
Sire: MP Ready To Win Some
Dam: Yo Pats Little Girl

Catboy is one of our oldest foals by Tucson. He was started by Mat Turner and Marriott Performance Horses and we look forward to getting to put time on him this spring. Catboy was born gentle and we believe is going to make a heck of a horse! He is gentle and willing, something that we appreciate in our horses.


MC Hay Red Lady

2019 Sorrel Mare
Registration Number: AQHA 5995450
Sire: MP Ready To Win Some
Dam: Red Lady Fly

Reddy is our second of two foals from Tucson’s oldest foals. She was also started by Mat Turner and Marriott Performance Horses and they called her “Ready Set Go” because she was always ready to go! She has the look and the ability that goes along with one of those “great” ones. We have plans to have her started on the barrels this winter and then brand calves on her in the spring, hoping to have her ready for the Barrel Futurities in 2024.


MC ImaBuckinStarboy

2020 Buckskin Gelding
Registration Number: AQHA 6064735
Sire: Face The Facts Guyz
Dam: Buckie Quatro Star

Piggy Bank is the oldest foal out of Bay Mare. JC refers to him as my “Golden Boy.” He carries the cream gene and is an eye-catching buckskin with highlighted white mane and tail. He truly does make you look twice! He was also started by Marriott Performance Horses and Mat Turner out of Canby, Oregon. He has a phenomenal start and we are excited to get to ride him in the spring! He is eligible for multiple Incentive Programs and we hope to take him to one of the Rope Horse Futurities as a 5 year old.

"We can all learn from the love, devotion, and commitment shown by the dog and the horse."
- Anthony Douglas Williams


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